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big yellow

With our two year project coming to a close we have been looking into various options for the safe keeping of our records for our project.

We met Sam, the manager of Big Yellow Storage, Dagenham at an event earlier this year designed by Barking and Dagenham Council for Voluntary Service (BDCVS) in getting the voluntary sector and private sector working more closely together. Sam and I really hit it off, and she told me about BIG Yellow’s, corporate social responsibility and commitment to charity and projects like ours. Not much long after that, Sam and I discussed our business needs and she secured and offered us a suitable, accessible FREE charity storage space which means a massive difference to us in terms of ensuring our project information is safely secured and alarmed. Both Sam, and her team are really welcoming and friendly, and made this process straightforward and simple which has meant that we have been able to spend our time focusing on finishing off final details for our end of project report.

Thanks Sam and the team at BIG Yellow!