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Information notice from Barking and Dagenham CVS

Make sure you aren’t caught out when submitting your accounts online:

We have discovered a local charity that, when submitting their accounts online to the Charity Commission, wrongly stated that their accounts were ‘qualified’. This is not good news! We have heard from other parts of the country that this is an error other charities have made.

Qualified accounts means there is some problem with your accounts or underlying records and a qualification will generally be viewed unfavourably by stakeholders and potential funders.

The Commission is now asking a specific question about whether accounts have been qualified. Despite the online guidance with the submission form, we think some are confusing the terms ‘examination’ and ‘qualification’. Read a short simple guide from the West Yorkshire Community Accountancy Service to help make sure you report correctly.

If you have submitted your accounts online …
… check your page on the charity commission website. You can find it by putting your charity name or registration number into the “Charity Search” box on the Commissions’ website. When you get to your page click on the “Charity Overview” link and scroll down to the “financial summary”. You will see what has been submitted and there will be a note at the bottom of the box if your accounts have been recorded as qualified.

If you have mistakenly stated your accounts are qualified then you should contact the Charity Commission urgently so that they can correct your page. This could affect your current funding or any applications for funding that you have submitted so do act quickly. If you would like further information please contact Marsha here at the CVS: marsha.jones@bdcvs.org.uk, tel 020 5832 7326